New Diversion Application for RR Water

This is an application for over 600 af/yr new water diversions (pumping
“underflow” by wells) from the Russian River near Talmadge, Mendocino
County, for grape irrigation by the Rogina Water Company.
‘m hoping that there will be a protest from TU et al – maybe even
SCWA??? – on this application.
We shall see..

Subject: Application to Divert Water – Mendocino County

Please be advised that Rogina Water Company has filed two applications
(Applications 31553 and 31554) to divert water from the Russian River
(subterranean stream) in Mendocino County. Copies of the applications
and notice are attached below. To view project map and pictures, please
visit the Division of Water Rights website

If you have questions, please contact Patricia Meroney at (916)