Water Board’s Action on Wastewater Runoff “Incidental”?

Clean Water Friends:

Thursday, Sept. 13th, at about 9 AM at their SR office (5550 Skylane Blvd.)
the Regional Board will take up a Resolution in support of the concept of
“incidental runoff” and “low threat” discharges. This is preliminary to a
Basin Plan Amendment and is meant to support the City of Santa Rosa’s
efforts to move forward with an Urban Irrigation project. The more I study
the issue, the more reservations I have. At the very least, I believe a
resolution on this now is premature and sends the wrong message to the

I have written extensive comments on this issue (6 pages) which I attach
here. I hope you will take the time to read them and/or either attend the
meeting or email staff some of your concerns. Even if you just say this is
premature, you oppose approving this Resolution at this time, that would be

Please address comments to:

Mona Dougherty at: mdougherty@waterboards.ca.gov

You can also cc. John Short at jshort@waterboards.ca.gov and
Robert Klamt at rklamt@waterboards.ca.gov

Please, please take the time to write a quick note. This is of critical
importance for our clean water future. Please feel free to pass this around
to your own lists and ask friends to comment. Contact me with any questions
you might have. Thank you.