From the OWL Foundation

The Incremental Recycled Water Project (IRWP) is a plan to dump “treated” sewage in the Russian River, the Geyers hotsprings and also in large, open reservoirs. This “treated” water, which is dangerous, will then be used for agricultural irrigation, watering lawns, and other domestic uses that do not require potable water. The IRWP represents an agreement between the cities of Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and Sebastopol. All these cities have accumulated an embarrassing amount of sewage that requires disposal, an avoidable problem created by excessive growth that ignored the water balance of supply and demand.

How dangerous is this? The Russian River is also Sonoma County’s largest source of fresh water. Three of the planned dump sites are above Sonoma County Water Agency (“SWCA”) collectors for drinking water.

The plan also ignores recent scientific discoveries that demonstrate wastewater is a source of emerging toxicants. In other words, wastewater itself is creating entirely new poisonous compounds by combining the dangerous material it necessarily contains.

Below are O.W.L.’s comments and questions to the Board of Public Utilities of Santa Rosa for the scoping session of the IRWP EIR.