Northcoast Waterboard Meeting-Waivers on THPs


Northcoast Waterboard meeting announcement on Waivers on THPs

 THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2009 8:30 A.M. 
6. Public Hearing on Order No. R1-2009-0038 to consider Categorical Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for discharges related to Timber Harvest Activities on Non-Federal Lands in the North Coast Region (James Burke)
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2 thoughts on “Northcoast Waterboard Meeting-Waivers on THPs

  1. I attended the community meeting in Guerneville last night.
    I thought the the point about Carillo’s split loyalities was valid and also what a pile of poop for him to say he’s only been in office for five months. This problem didn’t start yesterday and if he is unprepared to deal with it then he shouldn’t have run for office in the first place.

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