HB 2080 Grey Water Bill Passes!

In the interests of consistent water reuse policy it is worth noting that HB 2080 grey water passed.

We are not alone….

Bob Rawson


Hi Friends,

Today, HB 2080 passed the Senate 24-5. Yipee! Now on to the Governor for signing, and I fully expect his support.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this bill a reality and to see it through the legislative process.

Now, we’ll have a wee bit of a lull as DEQ pulls together a rulemaking for the bill that will set the regulations for exterior uses of graywater. This will need a lot of public input to ensure the most environmentally sustainable and economically accessible uses of graywater possible.

I’ll be in touch about the rulemaking, but for now we can all start educating our colleagues and members about graywater reuse because we’ll be able to use it SOON! Hurrah!

Thanks again for all your support in this effort, and here’s to more sensible water use in the future.

-Brenna for TLC Farm’s Recode Project