The State of the Beaver 2011 Conference-Feb. 2, 3, 4

Hey Pro-Beaver = Pro-Salmon folks in CA,

For those of you wishing to help bring back the beaver into a fully participatory role in our watershed health and salmonid recovery efforts – this conference looks really cool.

Bring Back the Beaver – Good for Fish – Good for Birds – Good for Water – Good for Climate Resilience – Good for People – Good for California!

See below the amazing list of topics and links to their website.

Check it out…I’ll c-ya there…

Announcing the STATE OF THE BEAVER 2011 Conference

Beavers: The Natural Solution
Wetland Engineers That Mitigate Climate Change, Creating Healthy Aquatic and Riparian Ecosystems

The State of the Beaver 2011 Conference
February 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2011
Seven Feathers Convention Center and Resort
Canyonville, Oregon

The Conference:
This event will focus on the latest developments in beaver ecology related to habitat restoration, climate change mitigation, the beaver wetlands influence on wildlife and dynamic breakout sessions.

A Keystone Species, whose dam building activities create a connectivity between land and water, greatly enhancing both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. They are the natural ecological engineers for our  wetlands and climate change impact needs.

Salmon and Fisheries:
Oregon’s historic salmon runs are intimately connected to Oregon’s historic beaver populations. If  you are interested in stream, are a watershed council member or are concerned with current salmon populations you should attend this conference.

The connection between beavers, water quantity and quality is well established. Beavers have a direct positive effect on aquifers, water temperature and water availability. Water is our most precious resource and beavers are the ancient natural managers of our aquatic ecosystems.

A National Event, Local and Global in Scope:
The Beaver Advocacy Committee of the South Umpqua Rural Community Partnership, The Partnership for the Umpqua Rivers and the Cow Creek Band of the Umpqua Indian Tribe, in collaboration with State and Federal Agencies along with Academic and Private Institutions, are sponsoring a conference that focuses on the economic and ecological benefits of Castor Canadensis.

Featured Keynote Presenter:
Beaver Banquet: Hosted dinner with keynote speaker, Ph.D. Donald Hey, Executive Director of Wetlands Research, Inc. “Beaver and Ecosystem Services”

Conference Location:
Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino Convention Center in Canyonville, Oregon.
Conference Agenda and Registration:

The latest draft agenda and registration details are available on-line <>

Contacts: Leonard Houston: <>  or Stanley