Announcement of Settlement on Felta Creek Fish Kill

Northern California River Watch has worked with the owners of GPV to obtain a commitment for real time monitoring of Felta Creek.  The landowners will invest up to $15,000 to set up a real time gage at the down stream portion of their property. Although the property is high speed internet-challenged, cell phone service is possible.  The Azonde gage was the recommended device.  GPV must consult with NMFS on this (see attached settlement), and we are confident real time monitoring can be achieved for 15 k.  This will serve to strengthen the precedent for landowner-provided-real time accessible monitoring for frost diversions in the RR.  In addition, a data logger at the upstream property line will be installed.  For more details, the settlement agreement is attached.  The landowner will not be diverting from the creek for frost protection any more, and the in stream weir will be rendered inoperable.