Battle Creek Update

Pelican Network Members and Friends,

Our campaign to stop the forest clear cutting by Sierra Pacific Industries in the Battle Creek watershed gained momentum this week.

 At Pelican Network’s request, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA), analyzed collection data gathered by Battle Creek Alliance and prepared a report which found … “evidence of adverse changes in water quality conditions attributable to clear-cutting activities …” \\\

 We presented a power point demonstration at the 18th Annual Sierra Pacific Alliance conference at Lake Tahoe and garnered significant support from throughout the mountain regions of California – we will make this presentation at the Loma Prieta chapter of Sierra Club Sept 19 in Palo Alto.

 With the great prompting you all provided by submitting your comments about Battle Creek, the California Secretary of Natural Resources is assembling a stakeholder process to re-evaluate the state’s forestry policies.

 A bumper sticker is available

You can get yours at: BattleCreekHelp (we desperately need your contribution !)

CSPA has a remarkable record of protecting the quality of California waterways in court, in the legislature and agencies with technical assistance and activisupport. Three CSPA water geologists and engineers prepared the Battle Creek report for us. It has been presented to the California Water Quality Control Board, Dept. of Fish and Game and the Secretary of Natural Resources.

CSPA has joined Pelican Network, Pacific Federation of Fishermen Assoc., Sierra Club and Battle Creek Alliance to call on the Governor place a moratorium on the clear cutting.