Action Letter to Protect Our Waterways from Pesticides

To All,

Pesticides in our waters, often overlooked, are a significant threat to wildlife and human health. Right now chemical and agribusiness lobbyists are trying to persuade Congress to gut the Clean Water Act and allow unregulated pesticide application. You can help turn back this toxic tide.

Industry lobbyists are pushing a radical revision of our clean-water laws — H.R. 872 — that has already passed in the right-wing-dominated House of Representatives.

Many pesticides are linked to higher cancer rates, hormone disruption and other serious health effects in people.Fish and amphibian populations have been devastated by these toxics, which can be the last straw for endangered species already in crisis.

We have the chance to stop this disastrous polluter bill from passing in the Senate. And, we must — our water supply is too precious to poison. Please take five minutes to call your senators and tell them to protect our waterways and wildlife from unregulated pesticide pollution.

Your personal phone call today will make a big impact when we need it most, and we’ll guide you through it. We’ve provided some talking points for your call, and you can find the number for your state’s senators by clicking the directory here; after you’ve called, let us know you were able to get through by clicking here.

Please, take a few minutes today to speak out for clean water and a healthy environment, and then forward this email to your contacts and share it on Facebook.

Sample Call

Hello, my name is _________, and I’m from [City, State].

I’m calling to ask Senator ______________ to defend the Clean Water Act’s protections for our waterways from pesticide pollution. I support the EPA’s safeguards against pesticides through the “pesticide general permit” process. This protects our environment  and public health.

I strongly urge the senator to reject any measure that weakens the Clean Water Act. Senate Bill 718 is a hazard to all life in the United States, and should be rejected, along with any companion bill to House Resolution 872, proposed by Sen. Pat Roberts.

[Feel free to let the senator know how pesticides in our waters affect you personally.]

Photo courtesy of USFWS.

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