Action to Stop Corporate Takeover of Water

Dear Activist,

The battle to protect California’s water ahead of next year’s election has already begun. Corporate giants want the state to build a $20-40 billion canal so that they can auction off our water to the highest bidder. Tell Governor Brown to stop this corporate water theft by protecting our water from privatization! 

We learned in the papers last week that the Westlands Water District, the largest irrigation district in the nation, is working with the state to construct a massive peripheral canal to take water from the Sacramento River and pump it down to the southwestern Central Valley. This project is estimated to cost $20-40 billion and could not only decimate our San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary but also destroy hundreds of farming jobs in the area. Furthermore, it would lead to massive water rate hikes in southern California. But, Westlands and other corporate water barons don’t care about the environmental or economic impact of this canal – they only want to control more water, which they can resell for bigger profits to the highest bidder. We must stop them, before it’s too late!

Food & Water Watch will be taking a leading role in the fight to defeat this canal and the upcoming Water Bond that would help fund this project in 2012. But, we need your help to take on the water corporations, and their campaign coffers.

Please take a moment and sign the petition to Governor Brown and tell him you oppose the water theft canal:

Thanks for taking action,

Adam Scow
California Campaign Director
Food & Water Watch