DWR’s online groundwater information system

DWR’s online groundwater information system


GeoTracker GAMA is an online groundwater information system that gives you access to water quality data and connects you to groundwater basics and protection information.  This online database integrates groundwater quality data from multiple sources, which are searchable by chemical or location with results displayed on an interactive Google maps interface. To access GeoTracker GAMA, click here and enter an address in the search box .

SEARCH BY ADDRESS: http://geotracker.waterboards.ca.gov/gama/

GeoTracker GAMA has data from over 200,000 discrete well locations, including over 100 million analytical results, well logs and water levels – since quality and quantity are both important factors in evaluating the state of our groundwater resources.

A – SHALLOW WELLS: Typically placed in first encountered groundwater – such as monitoring wells at regulated cleanup sites, or private domestic wells (GAMA Domestic Well Project).B – INTERMEDIATE WELLS: Deeper than shallow wells, and typically tap deeper aquifers – such as water supply wells (GAMA Domestic Well Project, GAMA Special Studies Project (LLNL), DPR and DWR).

C– DEEP WELLS: Typically hundreds to thousands of feet deep, pumping large volumes of water from deeper aquifers – such as  water supply wells used for public supply (GAMA Priority Basin Project (USGS), CA Dept of Public Health, DWR, GAMA Special Studies (LLNL), DPR), and irrigation wells used for agricultural purposes.

Note: Monitoring of public drinking water quality is the responsibility of the California Department of Public Health. The State of California does not regulate water quality in private domestic wells.

GeoTracker GAMA currently integrates data from State and Regional Water Boards, California Department of Public Health, Department of Pesticide Regulation, Department of Water Resources, US Geological Survey, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.