Mercury in the Water

Mercury has been a high priority pollutant in the Sac River Watershed for many years with TMDL’s and a number of cleanups.  I’ve always wondered why the North Coast Board has not done likewise.  The Russian River receives the contribution of the many abandoned mines in the Geyser’s District as well as that lovely relic on Sweetwater Springs.  Is there any history of anyone looking at these and their legacy impacts?  Oh yes, and we shouldn’t forget the Scaggs Springs district, now upstream of and inundated by Lake Sonoma.  Thanks,
Not only the mercury in fog is of interest …
have a fine day,
The State Water Resources Control Board is developing a Statewide Mercury Program to reduce mercury in California’s waters. It is expected that the following two elements will be part of the program:
– New water quality objectives for mercury in the tissues of fish that humans and wildlife eat.
– A policy or plan to reduce mercury in our state’s reservoirs to attain the new water quality objectives and protect both humans and wildlife that eat reservoir fish. The policy or plan may include provisions for responsible parties to initiate actions to help address mercury reservoir problems.