Impacts of Fish Farming

Dear Northern California River Watch,I’m writing you about a film called FISH MEAT that may be of great interest to you and your organization.

Did you know that over half of the fish you eat is farmed? But where does it come from? And how is it raised?

FISH MEAT is a film that in a brief 52 minutes takes us behind the scenes of fish farms. It’s the only film on the market that explores the diverse array of fish farms in existence, and what those differences can mean for the consumer (note: there is also a 29 min short version of the film). 

Directed by Joe Cunningham, this documentary follows two scientists, environmental engineer Ted Caplow and fish biologist Andy Danylchuk, as they go on a journey to pull back the cover on modern fish farming. Sailing through Turkey, a country steeped in fish farming history, they discover that the most modern operations aren’t necessarily the most sustainable ones.

FISH MEAT has been a regular entry on the environmental film festival circuit, including screening at the Blue Ocean Film Festival, where it was granted an honorable mention and made its international debut at the International Seafood Summit in Hong Kong.

As a valuable supporter of marine and aquatic life, we are asking for your assistance in helping us promote and support this valuable film. We are looking to host special community and educational screenings across the country to serve as both social gatherings for your organization and a launch pad to discuss the important issues covered in this documentary.

To learn more about the film, you can visit the website and trailer (

But we need your help! We have the ability to spark real change here in the areas of conservation, sustainability, and healthy food. If you are interested and able, we’d love to discuss your involvement further.

We have a number of different suggestions as to how organizations can participate, and we promise we’ll make involvement easy!

  1. Host a screening with your organization or in your area! For more details, be in touch with Bryan Glick at We’d love to work out the details with you!
  2. The film is also available for sale for educational outlets and libraries with public performance rights. Are you interested in using this film in your classroom? FISHMEAT is available for both K-12 and University Educational Licensing through our distribution partner, Collective Eye Films. To purchase the Educational License for FISHMEAT, and other great documentary films for your school, please clickhere.

We hope to hear from you soon, and share our ideas with you more fully.

With warm regards,

Jeffrey and Bryan