Impacts of Fluoridation of the Water Supply


The customers of the Sonoma County Water Agency, and cities who contract with them, need to address the Board of Supervisors 11/13/12 at 2pm before a known toxin is allowed to be added to our water supply.

Fluoride is not good for human health, pets, or wildlife. This is yet another harmful element which municipal waste water agencies will be forced to spend money on to remove to prevent it impacting the habitat of 3 endangered species of fish.

Fluoride is corrosive and will have negative impacts on the agencies’ water and waste water pipes, and other infrastructure including the Geysers operations. Who’s got the extra budget for that?

The taxpayers and ratepayers should revolt before this happens. Doctors and Dentist have the wool pulled over their eyes by the tin industry. Sodium Fluoride is a toxic element which is proven to be dangerous to our bones, filtering organs, and brains.

Community members are asking the Grand Jury to investigate the benefits vs risks and expense of water fluoridation. Every city needs these facts exposed.

Even if you are on a well, or a small water system not forced by the State to implement this toxic law; our regional watersheds are connected and impact each other.

Sonoma County has a new Public Health Director; she needs to hear from you too. The fluoride industry put their lobbyists on high gear last year. They’re almost ready to close the deal, running the money through Public Health programs.

The State mandate for adding fluoride to the drinking water states rate payers cannot be charged for this cost if the district doesn’t have enough funds for it.

What water agency do you know has extra money? They’ve all raised their rates several times for just basic services, and they continue to deffer maintenance due to strapped budgets. Some of the rate increase is for the work on the Biological Opinion. Adding fluoride in our water is a step backwards in protecting the fish

Taxpayers will pay for this via Federal funding; while the harm to everyone ingesting fluoride will result in additional healthcare costs.

Medicating everyone through the water system, instead of increasing access to free and affordable dental care is a failure of Public Health to solve the problems of dental decay.

It is a failure by them to support the health of everyone’s well being which is jeopardized by the ingesting of sodium fluoride with: every glass of water the community drinks, food they prepare it with, shower and bath they and their family take.

Can the budgets of the municipalities who put this toxin in the water systems sustain the legal challenge by members of the Public who do not want the burden of this health risk, or cost to them by having to pay extra to filter these types of toxins out?

Our bodies are already overburdened with too many contaminants; let’s not add one more to the list through a misappropriation of tax payers’ and rate payers’ money.

The ingredient manufacturers seek to profit from has a skull and cross bones poison warning on it when used as rat killer. It’s listed under drugs on the label of active ingredients in personal care products. Drugs do not belong in our water. It’s time all Public Health Directors wake the ADA and AMA, elected officials, and the Public up to this fact. No “medications” belong in our water, or that of the fish.

Thank you,

Colleen Fernald