Top Ten Impaired Rivers

Final top ten list attached.
Feel free to update or add detail to the descriptions of these waterways (and track changes). Feel free to also suggest people that should be listed as contacts for these waterways.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  1. Scott River (Region 1) – Konrad and Craig can you help draft a descriptor? I need a 2-3 sentence high-level description of what’s happening on the river with citation to supporting studies.
  2. Shasta River (Region 1) 
  3. Eel River (Region 1)
  4. Mattole River (Region 1) 
  5. Napa River (Region 1) 
  6.  Maacama Creek (Region 1)
  7. San Joaquin River, inflow to the Delta (Region 5)
  8. San Francisco Bay-Delta, outflow to Suisun Bay and San Francisco Bay (Region 5)
  9. Salinas River (Region 3) 
  10. Santa Clara River (Region 3) 
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California Coastkeeper Alliance
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