The 16th Annual Coho Confab

The 16th Annual Coho Confab will be held in the Mattole River Valley. Salmonid Restoration Federation and Trees Foundation are the permanent co-hosts of this educational event and are excited to be partnering this year with the Mattole River and Range Partnership that includes Sanctuary Forest, Mattole Restoration Council, and the Mattole Salmon Group. The Confab is sponsored by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. This year the Confab will feature tours of innovative projects in Baker Creek in the headwaters of the Mattole, riparian and estuary restoration projects, and a tour of fuels reduction, road improvements, and water conservation efforts. We will also host an afternoon Plenary session entitled, “Creating a Road Map and Action Plan for Coho Salmon Recovery in the Mattole,” that will explore genetics, landscape ecology, watershed issues, and emergency measures for coho salmon in the Mattole. This plenary will feature geneticist Carlos Garza, landscape ecologist, Tommy Williams, and watershed analyst Michael Pollock as well as Tasha McKee of Sanctuary Forest, Sungnome Madrone of the Mattole Salmon Group, and Department of Fish and Wildlife representatives Allen Renger and Kevin Shaffer of the Fisheries Restoration Grant Program.

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