Action on Brown’s Draft Rules for Fracking in California

To All,

Recently Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown’s oil and gas officials released draft rules for fracking in the state. Tragically, though, the rules cater to industry — instead of protecting Californians from fracking, they protect fracking from Californians.

Hydraulic fracking involves pumping water laced with toxic chemicals at high pressure directly underground in an attempt to free up the oil and gas below. The process is tied to air and water pollution and releases huge volumes of methane, a dangerously potent greenhouse gas. All this for the sake of furthering our unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels, at great risk to the environment.

The regulations attempt to fast-track fracking projects before properly studying their dangers — what we need is a full-scale ban on fracking and other extreme fossil-fuel extraction methods.

Please urge Gov. Brown to ban fracking in California now.

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Instead of protecting Californians from fracking, [the regs] protect fracking from Californians.

Hope nobody is severely shocked. The fix is in when it comes to drilling for dirty energy supplies.

The fun part (so far) is that the Monterey Formation is very complex, and no good fracking plays have yet been identified. See

The second paragraph states:

Formed by upheaval of the earth, the Monterey holds an estimated 15.4 billion barrels of recoverable shale oil, or as much as five times the amount in North Dakota’s booming Bakken Field, according to 2011 estimates by the Department of Energy. The problem is, the same forces that helped stockpile the oil have tucked it into layers of rock seemingly as impenetrable as another limiting factor: California’s famously rigid regulatory climate.

Please ignore the first 6 words in the foregoing, which are both untrue AND meaningless. The final sentence of the same paragraph is correct only as far as the layers of rock are concerned.