Action: Comment on Clean Water Act

Water Community:

Thanks for taking the initiative to write comments.   Comment Deadline is February 5, 2015 by 12 noon. See below.

The main idea behind listing streams as impaired by low flows is, like you probably already know, that water bodies are currently listed under the Clean Water Act when they are seriously impaired for things like nutrients and temperature problems. Impairment status is an attempt to get these streams higher protections from further degradation.  We are seeking a new listing category for impairment of flows.

The state and regional boards are opening up to the idea.  They do maintain; however, that if a stream is listed as impaired for temperature, it tells you a lot about the poor flow situation.  Of course that is true is some cases.  However, because low flow is a major CAUSE of temp. issues, concentration of pollutants, habitat loss, etc.  they must be highlighted.  They likely should have had flow impairment listings BEFORE the temp. and loading impairments.  We need to have new development judged by realistic available flows, so it leaves enough water for drought and the natural processes.  Thank you, Kimberly

This is a message from the State Water Resources Control Board.

Attached is a Notice of Opportunity to Comment and Notice of Public Meeting regarding proposed Clean Water Act Section 303(d) List of Water Quality Limited Segments Portion of the 2012 California Integrated Report.

The Public Meeting is scheduled for March 3, 2015

Comment Deadline is February 5, 2015 by 12 noon.