Notice of Public Workshop and CEQA Scoping for Elk River TMDL, North Coast Region

Notice of Public Workshop and CEQA Scoping for Elk River TMDL, North Coast Region

The Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region staff will
hold a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) scoping meeting and
public workshop on May 20, 2009 to seek input on the environmental
information that should be considered in the development and
consideration of a proposed amendment to the Water Quality Control Plan
for the North Coast Region (Basin Plan) to add an Action Plan for the
Elk River Watershed Sediment Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL).

Regional Water Board staff have developed preliminary drafts of the
Watershed Overview and the Problem Statement sections of the proposed
Elk River Sediment TMDL.  A summary of the sources and the
Implementation Plan framework will also be made available as preliminary
drafts prior to the workshop.  Together, these serve as the CEQA Scoping
Documents and will be available for review by May 6, 2009 at:

Following the workshop, staff will review written and oral comments and
prepare a summary of scoping comments.  Written comments should be
submitted to Adona White no later than June 22, 2009 (contact
information provided below). Comments should be limited to identifying
the range of actions, alternatives, mitigation measures, and potential
significant environmental effects to be analyzed in-depth in the
development of this project. Comments provided at the workshop will be
reviewed and considered prior to Regional Water Board’s consideration
of the proposed amendment in December 2009.  All comments will be
included in the final administrative record.

Please see attached notice.

CEQA Scoping Meeting Location:
Agricultural Services Building
5630 South Broadway
Eureka, CA  95503

Date:   May 20, 2009

Time:   6:30 pm

Contact information:
Adona White
5550 Skylane Blvd., Suite A
Santa Rosa, CA  95403
(707) 576-2672